Supercharge your CV with just 5 weeks work

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Supercharge your CV with just 5 weeks work

Do you have skill gaps in your CV?

Maybe a series of small employers, each one reputable in their own right but no big names to make your CV stand out?


Well the UK's Office for National Statistics has hundreds of positions right across Wales that could change your CV fortunes.

Just 5 weeks work that could help your CV shine for years to come and no need to explain why you left, so if you've previously been a bit of a job hopper, this position could stop a few of those awkward questions at future interviews.
Front line workers, be those in the NHS, Armed and Civil Services or shop workers keeping our essential services open will no doubt and rightly so, be top of the pile when looking for new positions post covid, this census position would allow you to step up in a time of national crisis and could make you stand out too!
See the current vacancies by following the link below, or visit and enter 'census' in the search box.
Best of luck in your job search and stay safe and happy.
Please like and share to your contacts as this could be just the job for their future.
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